‘Event Horizon’ Review: An Unforgettable Horror Experience

Event Horizon Review

Exceedingly malleable, the genre of horror has explored a variety of settings over the years. Although many stories choose to stay grounded on Earth, others have expanded into the unknown universe. Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, 1997’s Event Horizon offers an engaging science fiction tale filled with haunting imagery. While not every element works, the core concept allows it to be an unforgettable horror experience.

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‘Pig’ Review: Beautifully Poignant and Undeniably Excellent

Pig Review

One of the most incredible abilities of cinema is when a film is so emotionally powerful that it forces its viewers to question aspects of their own lives. It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then we are treated to a movie that is not only extraordinarily well-made but also affective on a deeper level. Written and directed by Michael Sarnoski, Pig is a truly special release that explores a variety of important societal themes. Led by a superb Nicolas Cage performance, this film is beautifully poignant and undeniably excellent.

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‘Settlers’ Review: A Pensive Analysis of Mankind’s Fight for Survival

Settlers Review

The cinematic genre of science fiction has been transformed and adapted many times over the years. While some filmmakers choose to explore stories on an epic scale, others use sci-fi to convey grounded narratives that are more character-focused. Written and directed by Wyatt Rockefeller, Settlers disregards spectacle in favour of quiet interactions that are incredibly thought-provoking. Confidently trusting the audience’s intelligence, this fantastic feature portrays a pensive analysis of mankind’s fight for survival.

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‘Black Widow’ Review: Another Safe Entry in the MCU

Black Widow Review

Across 24 films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a franchise unlike any other. Successfully transferring comic book superheroes to the big screen, the MCU has earned billions of dollars. By developing a narrative formula for their features, Marvel has become a box-office juggernaut. With this profit in mind, the blueprint may be wearing a little thin as the series now seems to be in an endless cycle of similar stories. Directed by Cate Shortland, Black Widow is a fun crowd-pleaser that doesn’t break any boundaries. For better or worse, this is another safe entry in the MCU.

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‘No Sudden Move’ Review: A Solid Crime Thriller

No Sudden Move Review

Transporting audiences to a bygone era has long been a technique used by filmmakers to tell stories within interesting settings. When the narrative requires it, a movie that takes us back in time can often be incredibly immersive, adding an extra layer to the viewing experience. Directed, photographed and edited by Steven Soderbergh, No Sudden Move positions us in 1950s Detroit and tells an interesting story that sometimes gets a little lost in its needless complexity. While it is not a landmark release by any means, its many qualities allow it to be a solid crime thriller.

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