‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ Review: A Fine Example of Efficient Storytelling

Those Who Wish Me Dead Review

The pacing of a film can often be one of the most important factors that determine its quality. For some, a slow and purposeful approach works excellently. However, for others, the narrative is best told in a brisk and streamlined fashion. Co-written and directed by Taylor Sheridan, Those Who Wish Me Dead is a fine example of efficient storytelling. Fusing a number of threads towards its satisfying conclusion, this is a visceral thriller that is well worth your time.

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‘Boys from County Hell’ Review: A Successful Blend of Horror, Comedy and Good Characters

Boys from County Hell Review

Mixing scares and laughs can often be a recipe for disaster. Without a precise touch, the two contrasting genres don’t always blend well. However, when done right, a film that uses the right amount of both can result in a deeply satisfying experience. Written and directed by Chris Baugh, Boys from County Hell successfully blends horror, comedy and good characters. While the narrative stumbles a few times along the way, the final destination is still one that many will enjoy.

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‘Honeydew’ Review: A Poor Attempt at Arthouse Horror

Honeydew Review

In recent times, the so-called sub-genre of elevated horror has allowed for quite a few brilliant releases. Attempting to go beyond simple scares, these films often instead focus on building dread and telling enthralling stories. When done right, the results are glorious but the reality is that many attempts, unfortunately, miss the mark. Written and directed by Devereux Milburn, Honeydew is a movie that fails to reach the lofty goals it sets up for itself. Despite flashes of good filmmaking, this poor attempt at arthouse horror is as forgettable as they come.

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‘Nobody’ Review: A Fun Ride From Start to Finish

Nobody Review

Despite an abundance of storytelling potential, action films often fit within a small number of narrative categories. While a cliché plot can limit overall quality, it is still very possible for a movie in this genre to cover old ground in an entertaining way. Directed by Ilya Naishuller, Nobody embraces classic tropes to deliver a fun ride from start to finish. Although rather unoriginal, this is a release that many viewers will gain a huge amount of enjoyment from.

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‘The Empty Man’ Review: A Surreal Experience That You Won’t Soon Forget

The Empty Man Review

While some horror releases are comfortable within a familiar territory, others attempt to expand beyond what viewers may expect. Of course, the more complicated the narrative, the higher the risk of failure. However, when done well, the results yielded can sometimes be quite special. Directed by David Prior, The Empty Man is a movie that wears the veil of a cliché horror film, soon revealing itself to be far deeper than you would expect. Although there are clear flaws present, this surreal experience is one that you won’t soon forget.

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