‘Mass’ Review: A Compelling Examination of Unthinkable Violence

Mass Review

There are certain subjects that are incredibly difficult to tackle in a movie. Without precise filmmaking, these topics cannot be handled with the care that they deserve. With this in mind, some creators still have the talent to deliver an uncomfortable story in a highly engaging way. Written and directed by Fran Kanz, Mass boldly explores the aftermath of a school shooting without needing to depict the event itself. By focusing on the parents of those involved, this 110-minute conversation is a compelling examination of unthinkable violence.

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‘The Night House’ Review: A Sincere Structure of Horror

The Night House Review

Often criticised unfairly, the genre of horror is frequently able to deliver stories that have far more depth than one would expect. Utilising a terrifying situation in order to convey an affective story, these movies often have the potential to be impressively poignant. Directed by David Bruckner, The Night House is an emotional tale of depression and loss hosted within the halls of a tense horror film. Driven by a spectacular lead performance, this sincere structure of horror offers a surprise behind every door.

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‘No Time to Die’ Review: An Emotional Conclusion to the Modern Era of 007

No Time to Die Review

Birthed on the big screen in 1962 with Dr. No, James Bond has become one of the biggest franchises in the history of cinema. Adored by fans all over the world, the charismatic spy has now returned to provide a final chapter for the latest series of movies. Co-written and directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, No Time to Die offers an emotional conclusion to the modern era of 007. While the script does have some flaws, the abundance of fantastic action and affective character moments allow the positives to greatly outweigh any issues.

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‘Old Henry’ Review: An Enjoyable Western That Lacks Originality

Old Henry Review

The Western genre of cinema has existed for over 100 years at this point. Often led by cowboys and bandits, these films frequently use a simpler time to convey sincere and straightforward stories. Written and directed by Potsy Ponciroli, Old Henry successfully transports audiences into the Old West via a brilliant lead performance. While the core narrative is certainly unoriginal, the movie still manages to be quite enjoyable.

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‘Prisoners of the Ghostland’ Review: An Unfortunate Example of Style Over Substance

Prisoners of the Ghostland Review

There are a variety of elements that go into the creation of a film. While story and characters usually reign supreme, production design and visuals often play an important role. However, a fantastic facade is only worth so much without a captivating script. Directed by Sion Sono, Prisoners of the Ghostland is a movie that is too in love with its own absurdity. Simply put, this is an unfortunate example of style over substance.

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