Review – The Death of Dick Long

the death of dick long

Blending genres is not an easy task. Putting too much humour into a serious film can emphatically ruin it. With this in mind, creators that can do it successfully are able to create truly special stories. Directed by Daniel Scheinert, The Death of Dick Long is a movie that, for the most part, successfully fuses black comedy with drama, resulting in an unquestionably wild ride.

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Review – El Camino

el camino review

This article contains spoilers for Breaking Bad. Read at your own risk.

While they used to be much different, the line between television and cinema has become very vague in the past decade. In fact, recently, the small screen has been a prime avenue for telling stories that are just as rich as those seen in the theatre. Leaping into film, El Camino is a highly successful addendum to one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Albeit a little unnecessary, Vince Gilligan has done a superb job in closing out the story of former drug cook/dealer Jesse Pinkman.

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Review – Joker

joker review

In order to cater to wide appeal, most cinematic releases are led by righteous protagonists. Within the comic book genre especially, the majority of movies have focused on heroes. Attempting to break the mould, Joker is a film that takes us on the journey of a troubled man descending into total madness. What we have here is perhaps best described as a character study created for mainstream audiences.

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Review – Crawl

Crawl Review

Ever since Jaws terrified audiences in 1975, filmmakers have attempted to find success by pitting man against beast. This has resulted in releases of varying quality, with most ending up on the poorer side of the scale. From director Alexandre Aja, Crawl is a fun creature-feature that unfortunately fails to become anything more than serviceable.

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Review – Ad Astra

Ad Astra Featured

As the final frontier of human exploration, space has been a classic backdrop for a variety of films over the years. From the early days of limited sets to the modern era of CGI, leaving earth has been a popular choice for many directors. While some filmmakers have concentrated their stories on the science fiction elements of the future, others have taken a character-first approach. Emphasising an intimate narrative within a massive scale, Ad Astra is an enthralling new release that refreshingly avoids unnecessary spectacle in order to focus its attention on a man’s personal journey.

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