‘The Iron Claw’ Review: A Dropkick Straight to the Heart

The Iron Claw Review

Heralded by some as an all-time great sport, denigrated by others who view it as fake theatrics, pro wrestling continues to be a form of entertainment watched by millions. While many focus on the spectacle, the dark side of wrestling is an avenue that certainly deserves to be explored. Written and directed by Sean Durkin, The Iron Claw successfully portrays an emotional tale of a family cursed by fate. Both a celebration and deconstruction of masculinity, this film is a dropkick straight to the heart.

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‘Stopmotion’ Review: A Surreal Character Study

Stopmotion Review

Thanks to recent releases such as Saint Maud and Censor, we seem to be in a flourishing era of female-led British psychological horror. In a similar vein, the new film Stopmotion stands amongst these pictures as a surrealist contemporary worth exploring. Co-written and directed by Robert Morgan, this movie blends a character focus with a dreamlike vision to deliver an impactful horror experience.

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‘American Fiction’ Review: A Delightful Viewing Experience

American Fiction Review

Popular for different reasons, comedy and drama are two powerful cinematic genres. Sadly, when used together, they sometimes lead to disaster. However, every now and then, a film manages to blend them in a deeply affecting manner. Written and directed by Cord Jefferson, American Fiction is emotional, funny and extremely well-made. Already nominated for several awards, this movie breaks the Oscar-bait mould by delivering a delightful viewing experience.

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‘The Holdovers’ Review: A Slow Start That Leads to a Wonderful Story

The Holdovers

As the 2024 Oscars draw near, many character-focused drama films have begun to see the light of day. While some of these movies edge too close to melodrama, many of them deliver unforgettable stories filled with a lot of heart. Directed by Alexander Payne, The Holdovers is a film with a slow start that leads to a wonderful story. Led by some captivating performances, this is a narrative with a deep emotional core.

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‘The Killer’ Review: A Slick Thriller Crafted With Meticulous Care

The Killer

For over 30 years, David Fincher has created some of the best features of the modern era. With movies such as Zodiac and The Social Network in his filmography, Fincher has established himself as an important voice within the world of cinema. Following his previous project, Mank, the aforementioned filmmaker has now returned with a brand-new movie. Led by Michael Fassbender, The Killer is a slick thriller crafted with meticulous care. A captivating experience on many different levels, this is the kind of film that many will adore.

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