‘No One Will Save You’ Review: A Simple Concept That Ticks a Variety of Boxes

No One Will Save You Review

The home invasion sub-genre of horror has long been an effective avenue for filmmakers to create terrifying scenarios. While some movies in this realm rely on worn-out ideas, others utilise interesting concepts to deliver captivating experiences. Written and directed by Brian Duffield, No One Will Save You is a science-fiction horror feature that successfully pits an intriguing character against an otherworldly monster. Although the first act significantly outshines the rest of the narrative, this is still an extremely entertaining film.

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‘Cobweb’ Review: A Comfortable Nightmare

Cobweb Review

In order to successfully scare an audience, a horror film needs to be constructed in a way that builds genuine dread. You can have all the jumpscares in the world but you will still be missing the important ingredient of tension. Thankfully, we are in an era where many filmmakers are able to create truly impressive horror pictures. Directed by Samuel Bodin, Cobweb is a terrifically terrifying tale, handicapped only by an inferior third act. Even so, the captivating performances from the cast and the spine-chilling story make this a memorable movie indeed.

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‘Saw’ Review: A Horror Film for the Ages

Saw Review

While many classic horror franchises were born in the 20th Century, there are a few terrifying icons that arrived (and thrived) in the 2000s and beyond. A twisted psychological saga filled with drama and gore, the Saw series has managed to deliver nine films over the years. Although the movies have become more complex, the franchise began with a simple tale focused on two men trapped in a bathroom. Released in 2004 and directed by James Wan, the original Saw portrayed a captivating story and successfully earned the right to be known as a horror film for the ages.

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‘Oppenheimer’ Review: A Masterful Film That Successfully Paints a Picture of Mankind’s Lust for Power

Oppenheimer Review

Since 1998, Christopher Nolan has grown a legendary cinematic career featuring outstanding films such as The Prestige, The Dark Knight and Inception. Continuing to build his filmography, Nolan’s latest movie, Oppenheimer, tells the real-life story of the “father of the atomic bomb”. Made up of multiple moving parts, Oppenheimer manages to be a masterful film that successfully paints a picture of mankind’s lust for power (no matter the consequences).

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‘Sympathy for the Devil’ Review: A Serviceable Thriller Elevated by a Stellar Nic Cage Performance

Sympathy for the Devil Review

A vital pillar in any cinematic production, quality acting is as important as good directing or captivating writing. While a memorable performance will seldom make a bad movie enjoyable, it can certainly turn an average picture into one worth watching. Directed by Yuval Adler, Sympathy for the Devil is a serviceable thriller elevated by a stellar Nic Cage performance.

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