‘The Killer’ Review: A Slick Thriller Crafted With Meticulous Care

The Killer

For over 30 years, David Fincher has created some of the best features of the modern era. With movies such as Zodiac and The Social Network in his filmography, Fincher has established himself as an important voice within the world of cinema. Following his previous project, Mank, the aforementioned filmmaker has now returned with a brand-new movie. Led by Michael Fassbender, The Killer is a slick thriller crafted with meticulous care. A captivating experience on many different levels, this is the kind of film that many will adore.

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‘The Pod Generation’ Review: A Forgettable Feature

The Pod Generation

Although the future is unknowable, it’s quite common for filmmakers to take a guess at what might occur in the coming years. While these science fiction stories can be enhanced by interesting worlds, it’s the characters and story that determine their overall quality. Written and directed by Sophie Barthes, The Pod Generation delivers an intriguing concept but fails to construct a captivating narrative to surround it.

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‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ Review: A Cinematic Disaster

Five Nights at Freddys Review

Successfully adapting a video game into a movie has proven to be quite difficult over the years. Catering to both longtime fans and new audiences, these adaptions need to be carefully balanced if they wish to avoid failure. Unfortunately, Five Nights at Freddy’s is another example of video game cinema gone wrong. Disregarding its simple concept in favour of a laborious narrative, those unaware of the franchise will, be left disappointed with this cinematic disaster.

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‘Saw X’ Review: A Viciously Brilliant Character Study

Saw X Review

Once a film franchise reaches a certain age, creating satisfying sequels becomes almost impossible. Within horror especially, it’s exceedingly hard to develop stories that capture the magic of the original movie. However, every now and then, a series delivers a film that rivals all other entries in terms of quality. Directed by Kevin Greutert, Saw X is a viciously brilliant character study that fans will surely adore. Propelled by a powerhouse performance from Tobin Bell, this may be the best Saw film of them all.

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‘No One Will Save You’ Review: A Simple Concept That Ticks a Variety of Boxes

No One Will Save You Review

The home invasion sub-genre of horror has long been an effective avenue for filmmakers to create terrifying scenarios. While some movies in this realm rely on worn-out ideas, others utilise interesting concepts to deliver captivating experiences. Written and directed by Brian Duffield, No One Will Save You is a science-fiction horror feature that successfully pits an intriguing character against an otherworldly monster. Although the first act significantly outshines the rest of the narrative, this is still an extremely entertaining film.

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