Review – Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-man Far From Home

With Avengers: Endgame feeling like a season finale for the Marvel Film saga, many wondered what the next step would be. As is the case with most blockbusters, the series is now venturing into another era with a brand new chapter. Directed by Jon Watts, Spider-Man: Far From Home is a movie filled with solid characters and crowd pleasing action, sadly hampered by its lack of style, predictable narrative and sluggish first act.

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Review – Fast Color

Fast Color Review

We now live in an era of the comic book film. Filled with huge set-pieces, the genre continues to demolish box office records. While some of these movies have started to integrate more nuanced narratives, they have largely been CGI filled crowd-pleasers. Co-written and directed by Julia Hart, Fast Color is a new superhero origin that trades action and spectacle for a grounded story, propelled by well developed characters.

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The Dangers of Tribalism in Cinema Fandom

The Last Jedi

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to film. While there are some objective elements to be critiqued, cinema is a largely subjective art-form. You may like a certain movie while someone else may not. In an ideal world, these disagreements would result in conversations highlighting what you admired, while admitting the faults, creating a civil discourse that takes in alternate viewpoints. Unfortunately, these interactions are becoming few and far between. Many of us seem to believe that you have to pick a “side”, or in fact that there are “sides” to pick at all. This tribalistic sentiment has been brewing in online film circles for a while, but seems to have reached a boiling point with a few recent blockbusters.

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Review – Little Woods

Little Woods

Gender equality in film is one of the biggest subjects being discussed within modern cinema circles. In the past, neither actresses nor female filmmakers have been represented in the way they deserved. Thankfully, recent history has shown the tide to be shifting, with releases that have felt completely natural. Written and directed by Nia DaCosta, with Tessa Thompson and Lily James starring, Little Woods is a movie focused on its characters, resulting in a grounded story that exceptionally highlights the struggles of modern America.

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