Cinema has taken many forms over the years. As pieces of art, movies have been able to tell stories using a variety of mediums and within many genres. From the silent comedies of the early 1900’s through the rise of the anti-hero in the 50’s towards the dawn of the blockbuster in the 70’s and into the modern era of superheroes. The beauty of movies allows for expression in a variety of means. No matter the avenue that a motion picture takes, there is a potential for quality when done right. This is the great thing about being a film lover. We can watch an independent drama on one night and the latest action flick the next, with the ability to enjoy both immensely.

This blog is aimed at the worship of cinema. Made by a film lover for film lovers.  My name is Morné, and I am a movie fan just like any other, constantly looking for that next great watch. Follow me on my quest to find it.