The Cinema Cult’s Top 5 Films of 2019 (So Far)


With the first half of 2019 coming to a close, many film fans are beginning to discuss their favourite movies of the year so far. While blockbuster cinema has failed to make much of an impact, there have been some truly fantastic story-driven releases. Without further ado, here are The Cinema Cult’s top 5 films of 2019 (so far).

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The Dangers of Tribalism in Cinema Fandom

The Last Jedi

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to film. While there are some objective elements to be critiqued, cinema is a largely subjective art-form. You may like a certain movie while someone else may not. In an ideal world, these disagreements would result in conversations highlighting what you admired, while admitting the faults, creating a civil discourse that takes in alternate viewpoints. Unfortunately, these interactions are becoming few and far between. Many of us seem to believe that you have to pick a “side”, or in fact that there are “sides” to pick at all. This tribalistic sentiment has been brewing in online film circles for a while but seems to have reached a boiling point with a few recent blockbusters.

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How Solo: A Star Wars Story Makes Han Solo a Worse Character

han solo

This article contains spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Read at your own risk.

Originating in the seminal Star Wars film, Han Solo has grown to become a fan favourite for nerds and cinema goers alike. Portrayed with a wonderful performance by Harrison Ford, Han was able to go from strength to strength during his tenure in the first trilogy. With a once off appearance as an older man in The Force Awakens, many of us thought that this would be the last live action sighting of our favourite smuggler. With an unwarranted decision to provide a needless backstory, 2018 saw the delivery of a movie that predictably did more bad than good. Continue reading

Two Sides of the Same Coin – The Relentless Relationship of Batman and The Joker

A relationship is a bond that is developed between two (or more) people. This connection can be created in a variety of ways, people can be coupled due to common interests or they may experience an attachment on another level entirely. While many are caused by a conscience choice, choice is often inconsistent. Parallel’s can be formed, not by choosing a relationship but rather by other decisions that have been made and the reactions they create.

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Creeping Death – The Terrifying Threat of The Thing


Released in 1982, the John Carpenter directed classic The Thing has long been a premier example of high quality science fiction horror. Starring Kurt Russell alongside a fantastic ensemble cast, this tale of dread positions a group of American researchers in the middle of desolate Antarctica, invaded by an extraterrestrial foe. 36 years later and this picture is as effective as ever. Offering a horrific experience that is wrapped in drama and mystery, elevated by its truly terrifying titular creature. Continue reading