Review – Share

share movie

Reality is filled with an abundance of dark situations that can happen to any of us. The history of cinema has shown that a well-made film can convey such distress with great effectiveness, portraying a good narrative while still touching our emotions. Written and directed by Pippa Bianco, Share is an outstanding movie that takes us on the powerful journey of a young girl who believes she may have been raped.

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Review – The Souvenir


Action and spectacle: two of the biggest attractors for movie watchers in the modern era. When done right, a blockbuster can be just as effective as any other piece of cinema. The beauty of motion pictures is that many genres and styles are able to co-exist, including those with a much slower pace. Written and directed by Joanna Hogg, The Souvenir is a new release that deliberately takes its time to unfold a beautiful coming of age drama.

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Review – Skin


Basing a movie on true events comes with many challenges. Filmmakers often have to make choices based on what is more important, historical accuracy or the cinematic story they are trying to tell. The right answer is often up to the viewer, with them deciding if they accept the presentation displayed in front of them. Written and directed by Guy Nativ, Skin is a biographical release that manages to be a flawed but effective drama about a man’s unlikely journey from hate to redemption.

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Review – Midsommar


With Hereditary, Ari Aster proved that he was a force to be reckoned with when it comes to modern tales of dread. Delivering what many consider to be one of the best horror films of the last decade, the anticipation for his next picture has been extremely high. Once again written and directed by Aster, the new release Midsommar proves to be an excellent follow-up, presenting a character-driven experience that uses a horrific backdrop to tell a deeply human narrative.

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Review – We Need to Talk About Kevin

we need to talk about kevin

The history of cinema has shown that many movie-goers are simply looking for an escape, allowing them to venture into a different world, where good triumphs over evil. Whereas a lot of filmmakers can create this, others prefer to delve into the darker realities of the real world that many want to forget. One such director is Lynne Ramsay, showing with We Need to Talk About Kevin, how she can masterfully carry the weight of a heavy subject in order to deliver an incredible narrative.

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