Review – Arctic

arctic movie

While many films pit their protagonist against a human counterpart, others depict those who must face the natural elements, and all that comes with it. Co-written and directed by Joe Penna, Arctic is a new survival drama film that aims to do just that. Grueling in its subject matter and purposeful in its pace, this is a movie that successfully delivers a brutal experience.

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Review – Ghost Stories

ghost stories- featured

The last decade has been filled with wonderful pieces of horror cinema. Films such as IT and Get Out have become modern classics to many movie-goers. While most of these have come from North American filmmakers, other foreign directors have aimed to make just as big an impact within the genre. Written and directed by Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman (and adapted from their play of the same name), Ghost Stories is a recent horror release from Britain. Superb in its storytelling, this is a movie that presents us with highly effective scares, interwoven within some remarkable filmmaking.

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Review – High Life

high life

Like superstar actors and directors, many modern-day production companies have built a following from the quality of the work they create. An example of this is A24, with their creator driven approach. In recent years, they have released movies such as Heriditary and Moonlight, garnering much praise from the independent film crowd. Co-written and directed by Claire Denis, High Life is a release that many have been anticipating. While being a visceral science-fiction experience, this is a movie that unfortunately is not able to tell the story its provocative imagery deserves.

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Review – Beast


A successful thriller is able to take its audiences on a ever-unfolding ride that keeps you guessing at every turn. While some releases in the genre take a fast and loud approach, others are able to build anticipation with the quiet development of its characters and their interactions. Written and directed by Michael Pierce, Beast is a character driven piece that successfully builds each part of its story, keeping you thoroughly intrigued throughout.

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Review – Us

Throughout the history of horror, different filmmakers have attempted to innovate and reinvigorate a sometimes repetitive genre. From the birth of body-horror to the rise of the slasher, the process of scaring movie-goers has taken many forms over the years. Following up the incredibly successful Get Out, writer/director Jordan Peele’s new film Us continuous to deliver a more socially-conscious angle within his own brand of horror. Unfortunately, while it is extremely well made, the scariest part of Us is its contrived mess of a story.

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