‘Love Lies Bleeding’ Review: A Powerful Vision Brought to Life

Love Lies Bleeding Review

Proving her immense talent with Saint Maud, Rose Glass has followed up her inaugural release with a film just as original and daring. Love Lies Bleeding is a powerful vision brought to life via a story dripping in sex, violence and love.

After falling in love with a bodybuilder, a reclusive gym manager finds herself pulled into a web of murder. Kristen Stewart and Katy O’Brian star alongside Dave Franco, Jena Malone and Ed Harris.

Love Lies Bleeding is a movie made up of many stellar components. Kristen Stewart is superb in her role as is Katy O’Brian who delivers a remarkable breakout performance. Together they convey a complicated bond thanks to the solid script by Rose Glass and Weronika Tofilska. Furthermore, the film is visually stunning and the production design is wonderfully 80’s. With all this in mind, the movie is fairly uneven and struggles to reach its full potential. Still deeply memorable, this is a good film that falls short of greatness.

One factor that may hinder the film is the fact that it spends the majority of the narrative being a twisted romance before taking a left turn into a revenge flick in the final moments. Perhaps if the story was structured better, this narrative whiplash could have been avoided. Beyond this, it is also worth mentioning that the movie edges into the surreal at several intervals. In many moments, these bizarre segments work exceedingly well. Unfortunately, the final act crosses the line into absurdity and pushes this aspect too far. A little more restraint would have been appreciated.

Love Lies Bleeding is a cinematic achievement in many regards despite falling short of its potential. Supported by fantastic performances, Rose Glass continues to deliver original narratives that stand out in a world of bland stories.