‘No One Will Save You’ Review: A Simple Concept That Ticks a Variety of Boxes

No One Will Save You Review

The home invasion sub-genre of horror has long been an effective avenue for filmmakers to create terrifying scenarios. While some movies in this realm rely on worn-out ideas, others utilise interesting concepts to deliver captivating experiences. Written and directed by Brian Duffield, No One Will Save You is a science-fiction horror feature that successfully pits an intriguing character against an otherworldly monster. Although the first act significantly outshines the rest of the narrative, this is still an extremely entertaining film.

A young woman living alone in her childhood home must battle an extraterrestrial threat from another world. The movie centres on Brynn, played by Kaitlyn Dever and features only minor appearances from other actors.

At 90 minutes in length, No One Will Save You is a film with a simple concept that ticks a variety of boxes. With practically zero dialogue, the story is engaging and the aforementioned main character is one that many viewers will care for (thanks to the wonderful Kaitlyn Dever). It’s quite impressive how deep this movie’s emotional core is when you consider that it is focused on showing the story through visual cues instead of the traditional approach of a script through spoken word.

The first act of this feature is brilliantly thrilling and features some of the best scenes that you will see all year. Pulling no punches and diving right into the action, the filmmakers quickly deliver the product that the synopsis promises. Unfortunately, once the movie settles into its pace, it struggles to maintain the quality of its incredible opening due to a script that succeeds in its main character but falters when it tries to end on a satisfying note. Furthermore, the alien villain loses its threatening aura as we see far too much of it too quickly. In horror, your threat is always scarier when you only see glimpses of it. This film ditches this rule for a more in-your-face approach that works well early on but hinders the horror experience in the third act.

Despite its issues, No One Will Save You is still a welcome entry addition to the pantheon of science-fiction horror. Although it gets a little messy towards the end, this is a film that is worth watching if only for a mesmerising opening that will be in your mind for weeks to come.