‘In a Violent Nature’ Review: A Tedious Experience

In a Violent Nature Review

An art form often filled with cliches and typical storytelling, it’s always refreshing to see a film that offers a new perspective in the world of cinema (even if the results are lacklustre). Written and directed by Chris Nash, In a Violent Nature is a slasher film told from the villain’s point of view. As inventive as the concept is, this movie ends up being a tedious experience with some wonderfully gory kills in between.

Targeting a group of teenagers, a mute murderer stalks his prey in the Ontario Wilderness. The film stars Ry Barrett. He is supported by Andrea Pavlovic, Cameron Love and Reece Presley.

A slasher film following the killer is a fantastic idea. At the start, In a Violent Nature utilises the concept to its fullest, providing the audience with a vision of horror that can’t be called common. Sadly, the thrill of this twist on an old genre wears off very quickly.

As a whole, the film is a chore to get through, apart from the kills which are notable in their extreme violence. To be fair, these sequences of gore are some of the best slasher moments you will ever see. Unfortunately, a few minutes within 90 more cannot distract from the largely meandering narrative. Following the killer’s laboured pace is effective at first but with little intrigue in the story, the approach is offputting by the time we reach the final act.

This concept would have been best suited for a 20-minute short film. Following that avenue would have given viewers enough time to be immersed in the slow ambience of the villains’ journey while getting to the kills quicker and wrapping everything up before viewers get bored. In its current state, it feels like the picture has been stretched to fit the run time, with a final section that is shockingly dull.

In a Violent Nature is a largely lifeless film, peppered with some utterly unforgettable kills. While the cinematic concept is commendable, the end product is not something that can be recommended.