‘The Pod Generation’ Review: A Forgettable Feature

The Pod Generation

Although the future is unknowable, it’s quite common for filmmakers to take a guess at what might occur in the coming years. While these science fiction stories can be enhanced by interesting worlds, it’s the characters and story that determine their overall quality. Written and directed by Sophie Barthes, The Pod Generation delivers an intriguing concept but fails to construct a captivating narrative to surround it.

Set in the future, a couple chooses to grow their family by using a detachable artificial womb. The cast is led by Emilia Clarke and Chiwetel Ejiofor. They are supported by Vinette Robinson and Rosalie Craig.

There aren’t many elements in The Pod Generation that one can consider egregiously bad. The actors do a good job in their roles and the sci-fi world that has been built is fairly fascinating. The problem is that these components cannot prevent the story from being told at a sluggish pace with few exciting plot points.

The story and characters are set up fine enough but the story arcs that take place seem inconsequential. We move from scene to scene with everything happening as expected when we should be going on an emotional journey alongside the protagonists. A few twists and turns could have gone a long way in elevating the picture overall. Again, this is not a movie that can be considered poorly written but it certainly lacks any narrative depth.

Due to its hollow, and often laborious story, The Pod Generation is perhaps best described as a forgettable feature. Despite being told within an interesting science fiction world, the film fails to convey the captivating experience that the narrative deserves.