How Solo: A Star Wars Story Makes Han Solo a Worse Character

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This article contains spoilers for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Read at your own risk.

Originating in the seminal Star Wars film, Han Solo has grown to become a fan favourite for nerds and cinema goers alike. Portrayed with a wonderful performance by Harrison Ford, Han was able to go from strength to strength during his tenure in the first trilogy. With a once off appearance as an older man in The Force Awakens, many of us thought that this would be the last live action sighting of our favourite smuggler. With an unwarranted decision to provide a needless backstory, 2018 saw the delivery of a movie that predictably did more bad than good. Continue reading

Two Sides of the Same Coin – The Relentless Relationship of Batman and The Joker

A relationship is a bond that is developed between two (or more) people. This connection can be created in a variety of ways, people can be coupled due to common interests or they may experience an attachment on another level entirely. While many are caused by a conscience choice, choice is often inconsistent. Parallel’s can be formed, not by choosing a relationship but rather by other decisions that have been made and the reactions they create.

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Creeping Death – The Terrifying Threat of The Thing


Released in 1982, the John Carpenter directed classic The Thing has long been a premier example of high quality science fiction horror. Starring Kurt Russell alongside a fantastic ensemble cast, this tale of dread positions a group of American researchers in the middle of desolate Antarctica, invaded by an extraterrestrial foe. 36 years later and this picture is as effective as ever. Offering a horrific experience that is wrapped in drama and mystery, elevated by its truly terrifying titular creature. Continue reading

Kylo Ren – The Perfect Villain for a New Era

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This article contains spoilers for The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. Read at your own risk.

When The Force Awakens was released in 2015, it had been ten years since the last Star Wars movie, Revenge of the Sith. Excitement was at an all time high as the marketing was able to perfectly hype up both the hardcore and casual audiences. While many were interested to see how heroes such as Rey and Finn were going to be characterised, the history of Star Wars made it so people were just as intrigued to see the villains, one of these being Kylo Ren. We all had questions such as “Will he be the new Darth Vader?” and “Is he a sith?”. As The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi came out, we realised that he was neither of these things. It turned out, he was the perfect villain for a new era. Continue reading

Fear of the Unknown – How Horror Uses Our Imagination to Scare Us


Making a film that is truly scary is not an easy feat. With the plethora of horror releases that we see throughout the year, it is not often that a picture is able to effectively give us real goosebumps. Sure, there are many movies that make us jump. However, we are not really scared by this but merely startled. I spoke a little bit about how menace is more important than jump scares in a recent article. To build on this, we must look deeper into what makes the threat in a horror film terrifying. Grotesque demons and ghouls can obviously give us a fright but it is those villains that are not presented much (or at all) that are able to keep us up at night. It is far more petrifying when things are left up to our imagination. Continue reading