‘Late Night with the Devil’ Review: A Fusion of Retro Extravagance and Shocking Horror

Late Night with the Devil Review

Stylistic surrealism is an approach to horror cinema that can sometimes yield exceptional results. By playing with perceptions of reality, a talented filmmaker can successfully elevate the movie-watching experience. Written and directed by Colin and Cameron Cairnes, Late Night with the Devil is a fusion of retro extravagance and shocking horror, resulting in a film that grabs onto your mind and doesn’t let go.

Presented as the lost footage of a fictional talk show from the 70s, the movie portrays a particularly frightening episode that took the nation by storm. As the host, Jack Delroy, David Dastmalchian leads the picture. He is joined by Laura Gordon, Ian Bliss, Fayssal Bazzi and Ingrid Torelli.

Late Night with the Devil is a love letter to old-school horror. Imbued with a tone that will one minute have you laughing and the next disgusted, this feature’s found footage approach allows audiences to be completely immersed in a familiar yet distorted world. Completely believable thanks to the incredible set and costume design (as well as the aged cinematography), the narrative that unfolds is wonderfully gripping in large part due to the film’s fantastic aesthetic.

With the entire movie supported by his performance, David Dastmalchian is the perfect choice for the charismatic presenter on the edge of cancellation. As bombastic as the film is, Dastmalchian manages to let the quiet moments shine, ensuring that the more subtle parts of the script are delivered with care.

Late Night with the Devil is a joy to watch in its sillier moments but the film truly thrives as we reach the end of the picture. With each passing scene, the story slowly gets weirder and weirder until it finally hits a crescendo that will leave some viewers repulsed while many horror aficionados will be grinning from ear to ear (in the best way possible). The movie’s biggest flaw is its pacing during the first half as some scenes are a little too slow. However, once we reach the end, these issues are largely forgotten as the third act to this film is a glorious display of nightmare horror at its very best.

Dripping in retro nostalgia, Late Night with the Devil is an unforgettable horror experience. Crafted by a talented team of directors and performers, many will adore this 2024 release. As their biggest release yet, one hopes that this film is a massive kickstart for Colin and Cameron Cairnes’ careers.